About Sanitary

A Definitive Expression Of Contemporary Design

UFC JAQUEL Sanitary Asserts itself with refined angles and strong architectural lines.UFC Jaquel Sanitary are Focused on design artistry and innovation to match the individual taste and decor of bathrooms.

  Journey Of Completion

SR.NO Technical characteristics International Standard UFC JAQUEL Standard
1 Dimensional Tolerance ∓2% ∓2%
2 Dimension Up to 5mm >∓5% >∓5%
3 Thickness > 6mm > 7mm
4 Warpage < 5% < 5%
5 Water Absortion 0.5% Max 0.3% Max
6 Crazing Test 0.34 = 0.37 Mpa No Crazing up to 2Cycle Or 10Hrs Min No Crazing up to 4Cycle Or 20Hrs Min
7 Modulus Of Repture ≤ 60 Mpa Min 70 Mpa - Max 80 Mpa
8 Chemical Resistance Should Confirms to Norms In Conformity With The Norms
9 Staing & Burning Resistence Should Confirms Norms In Conformity With the Norms
10 100 Ball Pass Test Min - 80% 85 -100%
11 Tissue Paper Test Require To Pass Passing
12 Ink Test Require To Pass Passing
13 Sponge Require To Pass Passing

  1. Use C.I. Brackets With Rag Bolts To Install Wash Basin With Or Without Pedestal If Wash Basin Is Large In Size Than It Is Large In Size Than It Is Recommended To Install On Pedestal Screwed To The Floor.
  2. All Wall Mounting E.W.C. To Be Installed With Help Of C.I.Chair Bracket As Well As With Heavy Duty Rag Bolt With Cap And Rubber Buch And Outlet Coupler.
  3. All Floor Mounting E.W.C. To Be Fixed On The Floor With Help OF Screwed And Do Not Use Cement At The Hollow Portion Of E.W.C.
  4. It Is Recommenended To clean Regular With Dry Cloth/Mild Detergent TO Avoid Stain & If Required, diluted Hydrochloric Acid May Be Used.
  5. Do Not Use Hard Bristled/Write Brush For Cleaning To Avoid Scratches On Wares.